Is That A Shark's Tooth or Is Thomas Kramer Ready For Happy Time?

We won't lie. We absolutely love that multimillionaire playboy real estate developer Thomas Kramer is such a big social media whore.

Here's a guy who narrowly escapes criminal charges and a civil judgment for allegedly fondling a teenage boy's bits and supposedly groping a woman's bosom, respectively, yet he has no problem showing off his junk during a bathrobes and lingerie party at the Delano Hotel -- and then posting pictures on Facebook.

WARNING: The photos after the jump will give you traumatizing visual hallucinations.

​We don't know the guy on the left. But the sleepy-eyed dude on the right is South Beach party promoter Tommy Pooch. Notice how much space Pooch puts between himself and Kramer's shark tooth undies.

Give it up ladies and gentleman for the Count of the Three-Quarter-Monty. Woo Hoo!!!

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