Is Jersey Shore Really Leaving Because They Can't Get Into Clubs?

The New York Post carried a report Saturday that says the cast of Jersey Shore can't get into clubs, setting off speculation that that's the reason the cast is heading back Jersey. The Post says they've been turned away at the the W, Delano, Shore Club, and the Mondrian.

Supposedly it's because they won't let the camera crews in, but the cast couldn't get into any of the clubs in those hotels unless it was a slow night or they showed up with a wad of Benjamins. Do you really think the Mondrian is going to let Snooki into its fancy, new Marcel Wanders-designed lobby? I mean, it would be entertaining to see her drunkenly fall down that staircase, but still.

We hear that the decision to not film the full season in Miami had less to do with MTV's own cameras than with the paparazzi's.

MTV isn't stupid when it comes to the business of filming stupid television. They know how to film reality TV. They know you don't show up at a club and expect to get let in with a full camera crew.There's still plenty of desperate places that would let them film. If they wanted to film a full season here, there's enough desperate clubs that would let them.

Our theory why MTV may be eager to get out of town has less to do with their own cameras, and more to do with paparazzi camera. How is MTV supposed to keep the season fresh if half of the events have already been chronicled in US Weekly and gossip blogs? Sure, some of the shutter bugs might follow them to Seaside Heights, but the media swarm won't be nearly as massive as it is here in Miami.

The paparazzi in the background might work for a show like that Kardashian-mess, where half the point is that the girls are famous. But the first season of JS worked because the cast was gleefully un-self-aware and out of nowhere. Having the cast work VIP rooms and be hounded by photographers takes away from all of that.

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Kyle Munzenrieder