iPhone Users Have a lot More Sex Than Android and BlackBerry Users

If you own an iPhone, you're probably having more sex (or rather, more sexual partners) than your BlackBerry and Android neighbors,  according to a new study.

When we came across this study, conducted by free online dating site OkCupid, we thought, What? The study was put together by OkCupid's editorial director, Christian Rudder, who was also one of the guys behind TheSpark.com -- you know, the site that had all of those personality tests, among them the famed "purity test" no one likes to admit taking.

Well, they surveyed 9,785 people with smart phones for camera-efficacy analysis, crossing-user behaviors, and camera models, and somehow they came up with the following statistics: At age 30, male iPhone users have had approximately ten sexual partners, while women have had an average of 12. That's double the action Android users are getting, apparently, because they clock in at only six partners each for men and women. But does owning an iPhone really double your fun?

The study breaks it all down by age, demonstrating when iPhone users first show signs of promiscuity. While Android users start just merely experimenting at age 18, iPhone users have already had at least four partners. BlackBerry users seem to be the happy medium, always being in the average range between the two extremes.

But is this really a testament to what happens in the real world? Does the type of technology you use really determine the number of partners you'll have?

We found it a little odd that they didn't also survey non-smart phone users. We're not the only ones getting any, are we? But once we delved a little deeper into the statistics, we noticed one key component: The camera you use can determine how attractive you appear to others.

They surveyed the best digital cameras for bringing out your good side, alongside camera phones. And guess which camera phone was one of the top on the list? Yeah, we're looking at you, iPhone.

With all of this in mind, we've come to the following conclusion: If iPhones can make even the most unattractive person model-worthy, isn't it just a given that the person would also be having more fun between the sheets? Well, with other iPhone users, wearing their custom-built iPhone "beer" goggles, of course.

But what do you think? All of this came about when OkCupid conducted research on how not to be "Ugly by Accident" in photographs, but is there any truth to it? Or do you think it was just a ploy to get more tech-savvy people onto a dating site? 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.