Internal Affairs = Sexual Harrassment

Donald Rifkin, a former Miami-Dade police major accused of trying to exchange sensitive information about internal affairs cases in exchange for sex from a female cop, is no longer investigating county officers accused of misconduct. He is now assigned to the Strategic Planning and Policing Bureau, says MDPD spokesman Det. Alvaro Zabaleta. That's in addition to Rifkin's demotion to captain.

Earlier this week I reported on Rifkin's alleged misconduct when he was a MDPD Professional Compliance Bureau chief last year. UNtil a while ago, he was in charge of overseeing complaints against county officers. the work included several open investigations into then-Maj. Carmen Pichardo and her ex-husband Richard, another top-ranking cop. While she was under investigation, Pichardo claimed Rifkin, among other things, discussed her ex-hubby's cases with her as a way to get into her pants.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated Pichardo's claims and concluded Rifkin broke MDPD rules forbidding him from discussing open IA cases with Pichardo.

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