Dolphins Jerome Baker Shouted Out His Mama After His Touchdown Beat the New York Jets
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

Dolphins Jerome Baker Shouted Out His Mama After His Touchdown Beat the New York Jets

What did the doctor prescribe for a banged-up Miami Dolphins team that had lost four of its last five games and saw little good news ahead at the season's midway point? A second helping of the New York Jets and their terrible rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, of course!

Jets antibiotics always do the trick. The Dolphins roll into Victory Monday feeling brand new!

Needing a win in the worst way, the Dolphins took to the mangled field where the Miami Hurricanes had lost to the Duke Blue Devils just hours earlier against a Jets team that was their mirror image, only with more hope for the future and less concern about the now. If the Dolphins somehow managed to lose to the Jets, this season was a wrap. Done-zo. Finished. Put to bed. Adios, everything that matters.

Luckily, Sam Darnold saw to it that the Dolphins' season continued, donating four interceptions that Miami cashed in for a lackluster 13-6 win. Every time the Dolphins tried to give the game away, Darnold threw an interception. It was supernice of him! Thanks, new guy!

The final difference in the game was a clutch pick-six interception by Dolphins rookie linebacker Jerome Baker. With the game on the line and the Jets starting a potentially game-tying drive, Darnold dropped back and fed the Phins' linebacker out of Ohio State a tasty pick-six interception on a beautiful Hard Rock Stadium platter. Ballgame. Dolphins win.

After the victory, Baker made sure to shout out the person who made his game-clinching interception possible — his mama, of course. Everybody has a mama. There are no interceptions or touchdowns without a mama.

The Dolphins are objectively not a good team. They won Sunday despite all of 43 total offensive yards in the second half, including only one drive that lasted more than three plays. They are 5-4, however, thanks to having the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, and Oakland Raiders on their schedule. Thankfully, this isn't college football and there are no rating experts to impress, so the Dolphins, as of today, might appear on paper to have some hopes of making the playoffs.

Next week, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will have something to say about that, though. Things will probably go a tad differently than they did against Sam Darnold. If the Dolphins can pull out the win, they'll head into their bye week 6-4 and sitting pretty in the AFC playoff picture, with Ryan Tannehill likely on the mend and near a return. Ha ha.

What a weird season. What a weird game. A win is a win, though. 

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