ING Marathon -- Nowhere to Do, Um, Business

Some Moroccan guy was one of 2744 people who ran the ING marathon Sunday, He got lost, but still won in 2:16:40..

Almost 10.000 people ran the half marathon. Some, like me, really slow. I did the course in a a pathetic 2 hours and six minutes.

My favorite moments were spent in the line outside the bathroom in the American Airlines Arena before the run. These words were spoken about 5:45 a.m.

"Is this the line for the urinal or the shitter?"
"It can't be worth that for the shitter."
"Well how would like to shit on the course?"

And so forth. Other great moments included the Killian cheerleaders finding one of their own and cheering at the end. The Miami Beach cheerleaders adding pep when it was badly needed. A guy named Johnny from Pompano whom I spoke with at the end, who did it 20 minutes faster than me even though he had recently broken both ankles. The shortening of the course at the very end....or so it seemed...

And of course dawn coming onto the beach. The guys coming out of the clubs on Washington Avenue --- and out of the Deuce never look happier.

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