Infographic: Behold This Map of Miami's Racial Segregation

Yesterday, Eric Fischer's amazing Flickr set of maps illustrating the racial segregation and integration of various American city's went viral. Using data from the 2000 census, Fischer's maps illustrates racial segregation by using dots. Each dot represents 25 people of a certain race, with red representing Whites, yellow representing Hispanics and blue representing Blacks. He's updated the set to include Miami, and while the results may not be that surprising to locals, it's still interesting to look at.

To view a larger version click here.
To view a larger version click here.
map by Eric Fischer /CC2.0

​At first glance, the results aren't surprising. Hispanics are clustered in areas like Hialeah, Little Havana, Westchester, and much of Kendall. Whites tend to congregate in both the northern areas (like Aventura and along the county line) and Southern areas (like Cutler Bay and Homestead), and along the shoreline. Blacks dominate in areas like Liberty City, North Miami and Carol City. Miami Beach represents a high integration of both Hispanics and Whites.

Though, when you look at the larger version of the map you'll see that many areas, while dominated by one ethnicity or race, also have a fair representation of people of other races and ethnicities. Though, the larger segregation trends are hard to ignore. Granted this is based on 10-year-old data, but it shows that Miami-Dade still has a long way to go to be a truly racially integrated city.

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