Influential Conservative Blog: Mike Haridopolos Should Quit Senate Race Because He Has Girly Hair

Senate President Mike Haridopolos is the only well-known Republican who's announced his intentions to run against Senator Bill Nelson in 2012, but his campaign isn't off to such a great start. First there was the reminder that he once got $152,00 in taxpayer money to write some crappy book that was never really published, and now influential conservative blog RedState.com ran a front page post today on how he's corrupt and *gasp* does not have hair that comfortably conforms to right-wing gender stereotypes.

A slam from RedState is nothing to shake off. They're something like the DailyKos of the right, a major player in the right wing net roots movement, and played no small part in boosting Marco Rubio to super stardom. Expect these attacks on Haridopolos to be echoed across the blogosphere, especially if a politician more favored by the Tea Party types gets in the race.

First RedState slams Haridopolos for the affair of the book, and calls him a corrupt career politician who should be kept out of DC:

Mike Haridopolis is a creature of the inbred Tallahassee Republican Machine. He represents the "The Getting Elected Trumps Principle" school of politics. For example, He was for High Speed rail before he was against it. (BTW Kudo's to Governor Scott....So far He walks the talk)

This is the type of guy, who, if he makes it to the U.S. Senate will immediately embrace the inbred political Culture of Washington in order to advance his own political career in the Senate, while, at the same time (like a lot of Senators) start having delusions of grandeur and think of winning the White House. Remember...all he has really ever accomplished is run for the next highest political office.

Then they go for the hair:
Finally, there needs to be a law enacted that states that no Male should be allowed to run for the U.S Senate that has his hair "Styled" vice cut. I suggest that all potential male candidates For the Florida U.S. Senate be required to go enter into a MEN'S barbershop, get a #3 or #4 buzz cut (I'm a #1 and #2 cut man myself, but I'm hardcore), give the barber a five dollar tip and then walk out of the barbershop, all under 5 minutes. Make it a Pay-Per-View special with proceeds going towards our wounded warriors, you know, the people who shave their heads and put it ALL ON THE LINE for their Country. Such a rule would have meant John Edwards would have never made it to the Senate and therefore be taken for a LEGITIMATE candidate for President.

This Rule should not can never apply to Women, because they get to do their hair anyway they want and their Husbands have to pay for it, because Women were the ones who get pregnant and endure chidbirth. This is the "You don't know what I went through to have our Children Argument" and can be used in any marital argument because there is no counter-argument except for getting kicked in the balls and the wives say that doesn't count. (I don't make the rules folks, I just report them...As I tell my Son: There is nothing that says life has to be fair)

First off, yes, we agree the hair-a-tropolis atop Haridopolos' head is something of a travesty. It's just so TV weatherman, but you get the feeling that this writer, "Bloggy Bayou," is just really, really hung up on grooming gender roles.

The irony here, though, is that Marco Rubioo, who was elected to US Senate with RedState's backing, definitely doesn't get the buzz cut special. He has a rather coiffed mane. And let's not forget, it was Rubio who got caught putting a $133.75 charge at a fancy hair salon on his Republican Party of Florida credit card.

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Kyle Munzenrieder