In Last Ditch Effort to Save Marriage, Florida Man Forces His Wife on Date to Golden Corral at Knifepoint

In a bizarre and frightening attempt to save his failing marriage, 49-year-old Robert Ball of Pasco County prove he may be one of the worst husband of all time. 

Ball invited his estranged wife over to his house, and then forced her at knifepoint on a serious of strange dates that involved shoe shopping at Walmart, watching TV, and dinner at the Golden Corral. 

According to Bay News 9, the man invited Janet Ball, his estranged wife, over so the pair could talk about repairing their broken relationship. Janet responded by telling him that she no longer loved him. 

Ball snapped, started yelling, punched her in the head and then took away her car keys and cell phone. The jilted hubby then pulled out a knife and made his wife watch television. After that he then forced her one what he must have thought would be a romantic dinner date at Golen Corral. 

Afterward, Ball drove her to the Walmart and bought her shoes. He finally returned back at home, and made Janet watch more television. 

Eventually Janet's father got wary after he realized she hadn't called for hours and showed up at the house. The dad was able to get Janet out of the house, but as they drove away Ball pointed a shotgun at them and eventually shot a bullet up into the air. 

Ball was arrested yesterday on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, domestic battery and threatening a witness. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder