In Carlos We Trust, Really

Several high-level, well-paid Miami-Dade County executives are investing in a little job security. At least 24 department directors, assistant county managers, and executive assistants contributed money to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez’s re-election campaign. Even the folks who handle the mayor’s image and field calls from the press gave cash to their boss’s $719,860 (so far) war chest.

Considering last year voters gave Alvarez the authority to hire and fire any county employee one would expect the mayor to think twice before accepting contributions from staffers who report directly to him or County Manager George Burgess. Alas, that wasn’t the case.

Banana Republican contacted 12 of the individuals who gave to Alvarez to ask them why they are supporting the mayor, who solicited them and if they attended any fund-raisers. Only one bureaucrat responded. Emergency Management and Homeland Security Director Charles Douglas Bass, who gave Alvarez $250 this past March 18, says he recieved a letter from the mayor's campaign at his home address asking him to attend a fundraiser. Bass says he didn't go, but that he sent a check.

"No one asked me to or coerced me to do it," he says. "[Alvarez] has been a great supporter of my programs and a great boss. I'd like to see him re-elected."

According to Alvarez’s campaign treasurer’s first quarterly report, the following people are supporting the mayor’s re-election bid:

Office of Communications –

Assistant Director Suzy Trutie, $500

Special Events Coordinator Pamela Regula, $200

Senior Media Relations Specialist Marie Bertot, $100

Media Relations Specialist Vanessa Santana-Peñate, $100

Media Relations Specialist Eric Esteban, $100

Media Assistant Zaida Andino, $100

Media Relations Specialist Owen Torres, $75

Office of the Mayor –

Senior Advisor Luis Andres Gazitua, $500

Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs Robert Villar, $250

North Dade Office Manager Keith Butler, $250

Director of Scheduling and Personal Affairs Delivette Gonzalez, $200

Office of the County Manager –

Assistant County Manager Ysela Llort, $100

Assistant Liliana Fernandez, $150

Executive Assistant Henry Sori, $200

Social Services Special Assistant Irene Taylor-Wooten, $300

Department Directors –

Fire Rescue Assistant Director Jane Feur, $500

Government Information Center Director Judith Zito, $500

Emergency Management & Homeland Security Director Charles Douglas Bass, $250

Planning & Zoning Director Subrata Basu, $250

Cultural Affairs Director Michael Spring, $250

Human Services Director Phyllis Tynes-Saunders, $150

Property Appraiser Marcus L. Saiz de la Mora, $150

General Services Director Wendi Norris, $100

Water & Sewer Director John Renfrow, $100

-- Francisco Alvarado

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