If You Want to Talk to A-Rod's Cousin, You Have to Go Through His Cocker Spaniel First, or Settle for His Wife

For whatever reason, the press is eager to talk to Alex Rodriguez's cousin Yuri Sucart. Can't two primos inject unknown substances into each other without the media getting all up in their grill? Whatever happened to privacy, people? 

Sucrat has so far eluded reporters and photogs, who have apparently been sitting outside of his house. The sad little American Media-owned remains of Radar tried their best: 

"Meanwhile, efforts to talk to A-Rod's cousin, Yuri Sucart of Miami, were largely unsuccessful. When a man and woman drove to the house to open the gate, he warned reporters, "We have dogs." One reporter noticed a small cocker spaniel." 

Good to see a bit of that ol'


snark lives on.

Meanwhile, Sucart's wife seems to have scheduled a press conference today. God only knows what she has to say, but she'll probably field questions better than A-Rod did in his bizarre press conference earlier this week.

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