If the Meek Don't Inherit, They Lobby

That Carrie Meek sold out her constituency for $40 grand and a Cadillac Escalade is not a shocker. A year and three weeks ago, Miami New Times wrote how the former U.S. congresswoman, a revered political icon in Miami’s black community, was reaping dividends from private clients and local governments for her lobbying firm and her non-profit organization.

Last year alone, Miami-Dade and the City of Miami gave the Carrie Meek Foundation a combined $200,000. The county also handed her a $75,000 contract to lobby the federal government.

God knows how much money Lennar Homes, the Limestone Products Association and the Wackenhut Corporation have paid Meek to peddle their schemes to the four blacks on the county commission. In Miami-Dade County, lobbyists do not have to disclose how much their clients pay them.

If you’d like to know more about the retired politician’s finances, the good folks at eyeonmiami sneak a peek into Meek’s foray into the volatile condo market.

Francisco Alvarado

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