I Want To Gradulate Corrine Brown On Her Possible Senate Bid

Rep. Corrine Brown strikes me as a relatively fearless politician. Which is why it's not out of character that she's thrown her hat in as a possible candidate for the Democratic nomination for Florida's open senate seat, even if it means challenging front runner, family friend, and colleague Rep. Kendrick Meek. 

A poll she commissioned says she would have about equal name recognition, and support across the state as Meek. She expects to decide in the next six months.

The problem with Brown is that maybe she's a little too fearless, as in she says what she thinks. She's called the Bush administration "racist" and "a bunch of white men." She told Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart and a Mexican-American assistant Secretary of State that, "you all look alike to me."

Most memorably she took to the floor to congratulate that Florida Gators in a rambling clip that become something of a YouTube sensation (really, the unedited version is too painful for me to watch all the way through). 

She also has a long list of other ethical controversies. None of which have obviously ended her career or even curbed her aspirations, but they could prove tricky in a competitive race. 

That's not to knock her views or voting history, but when the Dems will be up against Teflon Charlie Crist it might be best to have a Candidate who chooses his or her words as wisely he does.

[Jacksonville: Brown weighs Senate bid; will decide within 6 months]

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Kyle Munzenrieder