Hurricanes Not Hot on the Idea of Joining SEC Super Conference

It's the weird time of year where for college football fans when spring training is over and the NFL draft is in the history books, yet next season and even meaningful pre-season polls are months away. Which means they look for other things to talk and tweet and blog about, and lately that has been the possibility of major conference realignment. 

The Big 10 is supposedly looking to become a 16 team super conference, which would then apparently force the SEC to follow suit. This of course has set up all sorts of blogger day dreams about the possibility of the Miami Hurricanes joining the SEC. However, UMiami Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt is not such a day dreamer.

From The Orlando Sentinel

If the dominoes fall and effect ACC schools, Hocutt indicated that Miami would have little interest in leaving the ACC, which the Hurricanes decided to join in 2003.

For Miami, Hocutt said, the ACC is "the most desirable conference in terms of make-up between academics and athletics ... We are very pleased with the ACC."

Then again, what exactly do you expect him to say when this talk of conference realignment is all just theoretical? "F*** the ACC! Where joining this make believe superconference soon as we can and we ain't ever looking back at this Atlantic crap fest! HAHAHA!"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.