Hurricanes Linebacker Arthur Brown Enrolls at Kansas State

Whatever their reasons may be, the Brown brothers have been a flaky headache for the Miami Hurricanes. Now, Arthur Brown Jr., considered by some to be the top linebacker in the recruiting class of 2008, has enrolled at Kansas State after mysteriously leaving the University of Miami last month.

Brown never quite delivered on his promise on the field. He didn't play as a starter in his two seasons with the 'Canes, and usually only saw play with special teams. Though other college coaches like Pete Carrol praised Brown's abilities, Randy Shannon struggled to make the best use of him.

Brown didn't enroll in classes this semester, with little explanation given and headed home to Kansas in February. The Brown's controversial "adviser" Brian Butler, a former felon, didn't much elaborate on the situation.

Arthur's younger brother Bryce was considered the top recruit in 2009 and originally orally committed to the Canes, but as Butler sold updates on his recruiting on a website for $9.99 a month, the decision dragged on with claims that Miami was no longer interested in his services after his bizarre behavior. Eventually, after fasting Bryce announced that he'd attend Tennessee.

Arthur Brown, meanwhile, will be eligible to play for Kansas State in 2011. The Wildcats finished last season with a 6-6 record, and weren't invited to a bowl game.

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Kyle Munzenrieder