Hurricanes in Talks to Take on Notre Dame in 2012

It's one of the great college football injustices that during the past two decades or so, the Miami Hurricanes have had only one yearly heated rivalry.

Those damn Fighting Irish and Gators pulled out of the annual matchups in '90 and '87, respectively. Miami has met Florida sporadically (and will again in 2013), but today there's news that the Notre Dame rivalry might be rekindled.

The AP reports the schools are in talks to play each other in 2012 at Chicago's Soldier Field, with games in 2014 and 2016 being discussed.

The matchup might have lost a bit of the luster of the Catholic vs. Convicts days of the '80s (the Hurricanes actually split an academic excellence award with Nortre Dame last year and, sadly, neither is a national champ contender; then again, by 2012, who knows), but we're still excited.

The AP report is sourced anonymously, but the deal is expected to be officially announced when the details for the '14 and '16 home-and-home series are worked out.

Let's hope nothing mucks things up, because we welcome the return of a big out-of-conference rivalry. No offense to this forced USF Bulls series, but that rivalry is so fetch (as in, stop trying to make it happen). Plus, not that these things matter much, but there are only three private universities that really mean anything in college football, and it'd be nice to see two of them play again on a regular basis.

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