Virginia Cavaliers @ Miami Hurricanes, Saturday 12pm on ESPN360.com and 90.5 FM

Hurricanes Host Cavaliers for Homecoming

College football is a ridiculously frustrating thing, and playing in the ACC only magnifies that. Listen, we know the chances of it happening are slight, but if Duke beats NC and somehow knocked off Georgia Tech next weekend they'd have the best conference record. Seriously, 


Of course, Canes fans should be rooting for that to happen, and then hoping Miami runs over Duke, but it's kind of sad our ACC title hopes rest in the Blue Devils being good, but not too good.

Anyway, this week Miami hosts the Virginia Cavaliers (named for the popular Chevy sedan) for UM's homecoming weekend. The Cavaliers come back to Miami for the first time since they smothered the Canes 48-0 in 2007, and it'll be their first visit to Land Shark (hopefully they'll be distracted by the cheesiness of the new digs). 

Miami pulled a win out in this divisional rivalry last year, but even that was in overtime. Safe money is still on the Canes, and the game isn't raising many eyebrows. Besides buying tickets, your only chance to see it will be streaming online at ESPN 360.

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