Hurricanes Baseball Have Won Their Past 12 Games By a Combined 170-21

The Miami Marlins continue to be a baseball circus of shame, but luckily Miami has at least one competent and proud baseball organization in town. The Miami Hurricanes baseball team, already the owner of four national championships, are on a hot streak lately. Rocking up to 8th in the USA Today Coach's Poll, the Hurricanes have left total and complete carnage in their wake over their past dozen games like an actual bats-and-balls megastorm. 

They've won their last 12 games by a combined score of 170 to 21. Rounded out, that's about an average of 14 to 2 every single game. 

The New York Institute of Technology Bears are a team that exists, and they got one the worst recent beating by the 'Canes. The baseball team is the only team at that school that competes on the Division I level and they do it as an independent. As the Associated Press points out, they've lost 76 of their 94 last games, but the Hurricanes demolition of that squad is still eye popping. Here are the results from the three-game series earlier this month:

  • Game 1: 26-0
  • Game 2: 13-1
  • Game 3: 19-1
But it's not just lowly competitors who are getting handed lopsided defeats. The Canes similarly demolished ACC foes George Tech this past weekend. Here are the results of those games: 
  • Game 1: 3-0 (seems normal enough)
  • Game 2: 22-1 (OK, that's just harsh)
  • Game 3: 17-4 (at least Tech put up some attempt at a fight here). 

The streak also included a 14-0 win over Bethune Cookman, a 12-0 game against Pitt, and a 12-0 win against Florida State back in April that kicked off the current streak. 

The team is averaging 8.6 runs per game, which ties them for first in the nation with Morehead State. They've also racked up 56 home runs this season, which leads the ACC. Player David Thompson also leads the nation in RBIs at 78 and is tied for most homers this season at 19 with a player from Eastern Kentucky. 

In other words, the team is basically killing it, but that's nothing new. They hold the record for appearances in NCAA regionals. They've made it that far for the pas 42 years. It's basically a foregone conclusion they'll make it there this year, and hopefully far beyond. 

The team's regular season is now done, and they'll head to the ACC championships. No other ACC team is currently ranked above the 'Canes, though rivals Florida State sit at 14th. 

No wonder eight separate players were named to the All-ACC team today
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Kyle Munzenrieder