Hurricane Season Gone Tech With New iPad App

Nothing's worse than planning a trip somewhere along the coast, only to arrive to hurricane evacuations. Our local weather forecasters do the best they can, but let's face it: They dumb it all down for us. Not Hurricane HD.

After the torrential downpours experienced on the first official day of hurricane season this week, you might want to be extra prepared-- with an App for your iPad. This app, launched and updated -- ironically enough -- on the first day of hurricane season is an updated version of the 2008 iPhone app Hurricane. With this upgrade, you'll see detailed maps, and everything is pretty easy to find. An added bonus: With the iPad, it's easier to navigate through satellite loops without having to squint or zoom for a closer look. The larger screen makes viewing it all a breeze, and their FAQ page even explains all the basic hurricane information for newbies to the Sunshine State.

If you're always the last one to prepare for an incoming hurricane, then this app is good for that, too.

You'll be blown away with features like: 

  • Mapped, zoomable 3- and 5-day forecast cone.
  • Animated satellite and radar images.

  • Eastern and Central Pacific historical tracking data

    and current maps.

  • Storm information page puts important storm details such as storm specific animated satellite, radar, and forecast images and text at your finger tip.

  • Satellite images covering both the Atlantic and Pacific.

  • News tab featuring storm news and preparedness information.

  • Integrated GPS to inform you of your distance from an approaching storm.

You can get the App exclusively at the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

See a walk through of the app after the jump.

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Christine Borges

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