Human Fingertip Discovered in Florida Man's Salad

Here's another reason why you should never order a salad from a pizza place: a Florida man claims that he discovered an employee's fingertip in his salad at a downtown St. Petersburg pizza joint. The kicker: he only discovered it after it had already been in his mouth.

The man, on a lunch break from a nearby office, says he ordered the salad 

at Joey Brooklyn's restaurant on February 21st. He took a bite, noticed the human fingertip and promptly spit it out.

According to WTSP, the man experienced nausea and vomiting and was taken to a hospital. He believed that the finger tip belonged to an employee at the pizzeria, and requested that he be tested for diseases.

The co-owner of the restaurant downplays the claim.

"We can't really comment on something that is speculation, or fiction, or anonymous tips," Jane Aberro told WTSP.

Yeah, anonymous tips. No one likes anonymous tips. Especially anonymous fingertips in their food. Well, apparently this fingertip wasn't so anonymous.

A week later Florida Health inspectors showed up. They found numerous violations, and write that an "employee, Nick, has a band aid on his left index finger." The injury was sustained while preparing a salad.

The man's employer also investigated, and said that they received an apology from the salad preparer in question.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.