Hugo Chavez's Twitter Has a Staff of 200

Since joining Twitter earlier this month, Venezuela's controversial president Hugo Chavez has since become the most popular user of the service in the country. With 282,042 followers now, he's since assigned a team of 200 government aids to reply to the "@" messages he receives.

Yes, 200 people to run a Twitter. They don't seem to be too efficient either. Since going to work on Thursday, they've only managed to produce 187 tweets. Talk about bureaucracy run amok.

Surprisingly, Chavez doesn't seem to be too upset with the number of negative messages his Twitter has received, telling the Associated Press, "Some criticize me, others insult me. I don't care. It's a form of contact with the world."

Despite Chavez saying he'd like to see his fellow Latin American socialist leaders Evo Morales and Fidel Castro join the service, they haven't. Though, in our fictional world they have, and we wonder what they'd (@Evo4Eva and @ElCaballo) have to say about Chavez (@chavezcandaga) having 200 people run his Twitter.

@Evo4Eva: @chavezcandaga Since you made me join this Twitter thing, I've been really, really into this Justin Bieber.

@ElCaballo: Twitter loves Bieber. We've got @Elian in the studio now working on an album of socialist pop hits. "One Less Capitalist Girl" drops in May

@chavezcandage: @Evo4Eva Fag

@Evo4Eva: @chavezcandaga WHAT?

@chavezcandaga: @Evo4Eva Sorry, that was one of my 200 twitter aides. He'll be imprisoned shortly.

@ElCaballo: 3200 People on twitter? I don't even have 200 people with internet access in my country.

@chavezcandaga: No, they come in handy. Look what they taught me :) it's a smiling face!

@chavezcandaga: They even taught me hoW TO TAKE OFF CAPLOCKS. WAIT SHIT, HOLD ON!

@Evo4Eva: Smiling face? That's nothing, check out this: []D [] []V[] []D

@ElCaballo: ಠ_ಠ

@chavezcandaga: WAIT, HOw are you guys doing thaT??/ :(

@Evo4Eva: Fidel, when are you going to let Raul get a Twitter?

@ElCaballo: I can't let him do anything. I let him run the country and he almost open a McDonalds in downtown Havana and lets Obama cut the ribbon.

@Evo4Eva: You just jealous. You got a total mancrush on Obama.

@ElCabllo: Shut up, why don't you go listen to more Justin Bieber?

@chavezcandaga: Wait, look what I can do! (_8n(|)

@chavezcandaga: Its HomER SIMPSON

@chavezcandaga: Guys??? gUYS???//?

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