How to Live Like a Ponzi Schemer: Buy Scott Rothstein's Stuff June 3

Nobody pimps it harder than Ponzi schemers. Yachts, Bentleys, Bugattis, Waverunners, Ferraris, Corvettes, Cadillacs, Maseratis, Mercedes-Benzes, and Lambos ... That's just a small sampling of the super-expensive stuff that con man Scott W. Rothstein purchased with his 1.2 billion ill-gotten American dollars.

Now, you could never equal Rothstein's extravagance, right? Wrong. Next Thursday at 9 a.m., Rick Levin & Associates, Inc. sends ScoRo's shit to the auction block at the Broward County Convention Center (1950 Eisenhower Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). The U.S. Treasury press release puts it this way: "This property was seized from [Rothstein] as part of the investigation and prosecution of the case against him. Scott Rothstein entered a guilty plea in January 2010 and faces up to 100 years."

What? Imprisoned for a century? And now they're auctioning off the poor guy's favorite toys. Turns out, the Feds are the biggest pimps of all.

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