How Many Quarterbacks Does Al Golden Want? All of the Quarterbacks

Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden has a fever, and the only cure is more quarterbacks. The 'Canes didn't draft a single QB this year, and Golden will only have three slingers at his disposal next season (only two of whom are actual options). Yet, he imagines a day where the team has as many as six players competing for that starting slot and has made several moves during the off season to make that a reality.

"Right now, we're still not where we want to be," Golden told the Palm Beach Post. "We need five or six quarterbacks. We're looking."

Is Golden projecting his uneasiness about his current QB situation? Neither senior Jacory Harris nor sophomore Stephen Morris came out of spring training with the starting spot. Golden didn't feel that either truly won the position. Of course, that could be a bit of mind games. Maybe he's leaning towards Morris, but doesn't want Harris to get it in his head that his football career is pretty much over. Or maybe he's really just not that impressed with either. Spencer Whipple is still on the team, too, but we shouldn't really have to explain that situation.

Golden has already lured former Memphis starter Ryan Williams to the team, but after transferring he won't be eligible to play until 2012. He also tried to get former Michigan QB Tate Forcier to do the same, but that mysteriously fell apart at the last moment.

Golden also has a strong verbal commitment from Gray Crow, one of the top prospects in the state and the 28th best QB prospect in the nation, according to Scout.com.

But Golden needs more quarterbacks. He'll never have enough quarterbacks. He wants another high school hotshot to enroll at the school early next January.

"If you're a rising senior and you have an opportunity to compete against only two quarterbacks - Ryan and Stephen - come January, that's the best deal going in college football," Golden told the Post.

"On the first day, you're getting reps with (the second-team offense) and if you're doing good, you can get reps with the (first-team offense). I think it's an incredible opportunity for someone."

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