Hot Poll Action: Sink Leads McCollum

Quinnipiac released a new poll! You know what that means? It's time for us to pluck out interesting bits and pieces. 

Until now, every poll we've seen on the Florida governor's race gives Republican Bill McCollum the advantage, but according to Q Democrat, Alex Sink has 38 percent and McCollum 34. Down here in South Florida, Sink is trouncing McCollum and already has reached the magic 50 percent. 

There are still, of course, months and months to change that, and 25 percent of the voters remain undecided, but it doesn't fare well for McCollum that he's already trailing, considering his previous campaign experience. Plus the fact he has more name recognition -- 53 percent of Floridians know enough about him to have an opinion on him, whereas only 32 percent knew enough about Sink to formulate an opinion on her.

Could it simply be backlash to Republican rule since 1998? Well, only 37 percent of voters said that has been a bad thing. 

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