"Hot Bachelor" Dave Aronberg Officially Enters Attorney General Race

With no one coming forward to challenge Alex Sink in the Governor's primary, and Kendrick Meek holding a sizable advantage on the fundraising front and Dan Gelber dropping out in the Senate race, it seems that the Democratic primary action may boil up in the Attorney General's race. 

State Senator Dave Aronberg of Green Acres (the Palm Beach County city, unfortunately not the beloved sitcom) officially kicked off his campaign today. Of course, it was via Facebook status message: "Friends: After hearing from so many of you, I am following my heart and am running for Attorney General. Pls join us! www.dave4florida.com."

While Aronberg lives up in Eva Gabor land now, he's a product of Miami and attended public schools before heading up to Harvard for a bachelors and law degree. 

Aronberg could face Gelber, a state senator from Miami Beach, and former Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith in the primary. 

It's no guarentee Aronberg will be AG, but he already holds the title of one of Gulfshore Life's Hottest Bachelors

Aronberg enjoys Rush, is a self proclaimed "text addict," and wonders why any woman would date Tommy Lee. If this means as Attorney General Aronberg would officially ban Tommy Lee from the sunshine state we might have to throw him our support, with our apologies to Rokbar. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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