Homophobe Media Whizzes Not Doing So Great

This past week, The Miami Herald blasted a comforting message: The state’s proposed gay marriage ban isn’t doing so hot. Polls show Amendment 2 is lacking up to 19 percent of the voter support it needs to pass in Florida. On top of that, Mayor Manny Diaz, the Miami City Commission, and the Broward School Board all shot it down in the last five days.

In response, the media pros over at Florida4Marriage (right wingers running the homophobe show) did, well, nothing. In fact, they haven’t posted a new press release on their website since Aug. 5. It noted Governor Charlie Crist was “reaffirming his support.” Snore.

But we’ll give them some credit. They did repost a Sept. 6 St. Petersburg Times article, “Marriage Amendment Prompts Rally in Collier, South Lee.” It states, among other things, that (count ‘em!) eleven members of Marco Island’s San Marco Catholic Church congregated on a street corner in Southwest Florida, holding signs, to show support for Amendment 2 - and distain for same sex lovin’.

(Last time we checked, gay marriage was already illegal here. But great cause, guys. Really.)

The article quotes church-going Amendment 2 supporter, Andrew McGuire, who dazzles us with logic and intellect. He says: “We’re not trying to change anything. We’re just trying to nail it down by adding it to our constitution so a judge can’t change it.”

Um, ok.

Seeing that there are now hundreds of thousands hungry, homeless folks in Haiti and Cuba, and a huge natural disaster headed for your most beloved red state, consider this: You guys got God on your side, right? How about rallying for something that actually does some good.

--Natalie O'Neill

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