Homestead Councilwoman Threatened By Amateur 'N Sync Video on YouTube

The FBI is currently investigating a YouTube video set to the music of 'N Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye" that apparently infers that Homestead Councilwoman Judy Waldman should either be killed or off herself. The South Florida times broke the story. 

As of this afternoon the video has been removed. Though the poster of the video, who uses the handle "AtashyDI," still has 10 other videos. Most of them are weird, rambling photo and text montages aimed at various Homestead government figures. 

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Posted May 5 and entitled "Judy Waldman, Bye, Bye, Bye," the video kicks off with the words "Farewell, So Long, Sayonara, Adios and Good Riddance To the suicide blonde," before cutting to a picture of a woman with a gun to her head. Then there's a bunch of pictures, including one with Waldman standing between two black men with the words, "Her human OREO period." 

Waldman contacted the FBI, who are looking into the matter. Waldman interprets the video as a death threat. 

The profile for AtashyDI lists him as a 35-year-old accountant named Owen who enjoys metal music. He was last signed onto YouTube in the last three hours. 

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