Homeless Man Attacked by Real Housewives Star's Son Is Pressing Charges

Police have found the homeless man who was punched in the nuts on video by the son of a former Real Housewives of Miami cast member, and he's decided to press charges.

Peter Rosello, the son of former Real Housewives of Miami star and Venue magazine editor Alexia Echevarria and stepson of Hialeah political power broker Herman Echevarria, videotaped himself attacking the man and then running off.

According to The Miami Herald, the man has been identified as 62-year-old Gary Lee Brown. He was sleeping behind the BCBG store on Lincoln Road when he was attacked.

Rosello's attorney, Gregory Samms, say he's speaking to Miami Beach Police and tells the Herald that Rosello is "physically incapacitated" and is recovering from surgery.

Rosello's @PeteyWeedey Twitter account has since been deleted, but when Riptide viewed it yesterday, Rosello had mentioned the surgery in a reply to a friend and claimed he had recovered.

Rosello also referenced the surgery on September 9 on his Facebook page when he wrote:

Just got out of the hospital. I was fucked by choice. The tore the lining of my asshole. I just want to thank all my friends for loving me dispite the fact I'm a raging gang bang survivor.
Which... we really do not understand this kid's sense of humor.

Anyway, police were able to identify Brown after the Miami Beach Homeless Outreach Team recognized him from the video. He claims he didn't report the incident to police because he was scared for his life.

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Kyle Munzenrieder