Home For the Holidays: LeBron Scores 28, Heat Beat Cavs 95-84

LeBron made his first trip back to Cleveland this season, and the Miami Heat took care of businesses on Thanksgiving Eve, 95-84 over the Cleveland Cavs. LeBron gobble, gobbled, up the Cleveland defense, finishing with 28 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists. Dwyane Wade had 22, but didn't record a block, so he still sits one block shy of the record for best stuffing point guard in the NBA. The Heat have now won eight in a row.

Cleveland fans had a mixed reaction to LeBron's return, although nothing will ever compare to the jackassery that occurred the first time he returned, there were still plenty of bitter ass boos in the building. It's become apparent Cleveland Cavs fans have drawn a line in the sand pavement, there are Cavs fans that want him to know it's all water under the bridge, and it would be totally cool if he came home, and then there is every other pissed off Cavs fan.

As rumored, a group of thirsty Cleveland fans passed out neon green t-shirts that said "Come Home Lebron" on them, and it was just as sad as you anticipated.

Not exactly a game changer.

The players people said the Cavs were putting together to lure LeBron this off-season didn't exactly make a solid sales pitch in the game. Andrew Bynum shot 2-10 when he wasn't busy been on the verge of crashing to the ground, and Kyrie Irving shot 6-19 with just three assists. First overall pick Anthony Bennett flew past playing like shit, and is now just not playing at all for the Cavs.

Today LeBron will host the team at his Akron, Ohio, home for a team Thanksgiving meal. You would think the back-to-back defending champs would catch a break and stay home for the holidays -- false! They get to spend Thanksgiving in Akron, then travel to Canada, bitch move, NBA.

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