Hillary Clinton Still Bitter About 2000 Election and Jeb Bush

​Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in a town hall meeting in Nigeria as part of her tour of Africa. 

Apparently Nigeria can have town hall meetings without a load of loons ripping up Rosa Parks posters and whatnot, but they can't really have an ethical election. Their controversial 2007 election was cited by the international community as being extremely flawed. 

Clinton wanted to point out it's really not much different in America sometimes. 

"Our democracy is still evolving. You know we've had all kinds of problems in some of our past elections, as you might remember. In 2000, our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state, so we have our problems too," she said.

Which I guess is somehow different from a sitting first lady running for Senate in a state she never lived in. 

"Governor Bush is declining to weigh in on these ill-advised comments but wishes Secretary Clinton a safe and successful trip," is all a spokesman for Jeb Bush had to say.

The State Department said Clinton was just pointing out that very little violence occurred as a result of the election and that there was a peaceful transition of power that should serve as an example for other countries with questionable elections. 

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