Hillary Clinton is Pretty Much the Most Popular Politician in Florida

Maybe it's because as secretary of state, she's not directly involved in DC's tense fight over economic policy. Maybe it's because people have a nostalgia for her husband's terms as president where our biggest national issue was a blowjob. Maybe Hillary Clinton is just a badass. Whatever the case, the Madame Secretary is far and away the most popular politician in Florida with higher approval ratings than President Obama, Senator Marco Rubio, our last few governors, and everyone seeking the GOP nomination.

In a new poll by Suffolk University, 64 percent of Floridians say they have a generally favorable view of Clinton compared to just 28 percent who have an unfavorable view. And though Clinton certainly has spent time being cast as one of America's greatest villains by the right-leaning media, 39 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of conservatives view her favorably.

In fact, Clinton is so popular she could guarantee a win for the Democrats in 2012 if she replaced Joe Biden as Obama's running mate. Fifty percent of Floridians say they'd vote for an Obama-Clinton ticket, compared to 41 percent who say they would not.

Even with Rubio in the picture, Clinton still reigns supreme. Forty-six percent say they'd vote for the Obama-Clinton ticket, compared to 43 percent who say they'd vote for a Republican ticket that included Rubio as the VP nominee.

However, if Rubio was selected as the VP (though, he's said numerous times he will not run as Vice President, as has Clinton) he'd help the GOP ticket beat a Clinton-less Obama ticket 46 to 41 percent. This, even though Rubio has only a 40 percent favorable rating. Thirty-one percent view him unfavorably.

The Favorable-Unfavorable split of other Politicians among Floridians:

  • President Obama 45-48
  • Charlie Crist 45-35
  • Jeb Bush 51-36

Elsewhere, the Suffolk poll still finds that Mitt Romney is barely leading Florida over Herman Cain. Mittens gets 25 percent of Florida GOP voters to the Pizza King's 24 percent. Maybe Ann Romney should start stepping out in some colorful pantsuits.

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Kyle Munzenrieder