Highlights From the Comments Section: Civil Political Discourse Edition

We didn't mean to open quite so many cans of worms with posts about Florida Rep. Allen West and the furious email he sent to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz. The blog posts stayed away from his politics, stayed away from her politics and simply suggested that one United States congressman calling another "the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives" is not really the most honorable thing to do, to say nothing of the hypocrisy.

Well, people got upset. One lovely guy wished me dead.

Nowhere in the post was Barack Obama declared to be Jesus, nor was George Bush blamed for anything. The word "teabaggers" did not appear anywhere. But people got mad about all those things anyway. How dare someone have an opinion about something and write it down! He must be in bed with Eugene Debs!

And after syndicated talk show host Mark Levin posted a link to the most recent post about West, everyone was treated to a not-so-rare peek at a portion of the support structure that seems to be wholeheartedly embracing the gentleman congressman's tirade.

Here is a sample of the feedback, culled from the article and Levin's public Facebook post sent out to more than 315,000 people, which he captioned with only "Who is Rich Abdill? A fool." Behold, 10 examples of what happens when Americans talk politics.

From Facebook user Michael J. Giliberto:

@Mark. A Fool you say. How about a peice of s#$^t trouble maker.

From Facebook user Philip F. Formicola:

I think it would be safe to say that Rich Abdill is a total a..hole ..... GO ALLEN WEST Keep up the good fight

From Facebook user Ted Waas:

I swear I am gonna punch somebody in the eye....and it ain't gonna be a Conservative....

From Facebook user Tim Foster:

Who the hell is Rich Abdill? This is an idiotic article. West let that pushy big mouthed broad have it just as she deserves! West is an American hero and a leader. Wasserman is a puke from the left who needs to have her butt kicked and her big mouth shut. Liberals like her are going to get it back in full force when they pull their lame ass crap with no nonsense conservatives like Allen West.

From Facebook user Dennis Brookshire:

You, sir, are a fool. How did you ever become a spokesman for anything other than the Pee Wee Herman show. You are about as realistic as Pee Wee's talking furniture.

From Facebook user Michael Donchey:

Abdill...just another liberal wuss...he must have been stuffed into his locker one too many times in high school.

[Note for the record: Zero locker-stuffings, but one awful wedgie freshman year.]

From Facebook user Dawn Elle:

r u friggen kidden me? who the HAIL ru? get off my planet!! LtCol WEST is a ROCK STAR!! Debbie is a huge bully for the loony marxist left! WE all know her!! LOL don't try to make her into anything but vile!

From Facebook user Nicky Pettas:

i would have told her to shut the f#$k up

From Facebook user Larry A Underwood:

I can tell you one thing, after Mr. West exposed Ms blabbermouth for exactly what she is, I sent him a donation and I live in Alabama. I do wish he had thrown in the "B" word though. I guess he has too much class for that..her on the other hand has none...

A personal favorite, from anonymous user David Wheeler:

Hey Rich Abdill -- I'll be in Miami later this summer. Let me know where I can find you 'cause I'm challenging you to a bare-knuckle knock-about you little turd. You're day is coming sooner than you realize traitor -- and your lying friends too. Death to you.

So much for discussion.

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