High stakes: in upcoming fight, Kimbo Slice tries to avoid re-becoming a bum

Ah, Kimbo Slice. Besides having one of the most unique hairstyles in all of the land- it's something like a penitentary version of Larry's from the Three Stooges, with an Amish beard thrown in- Slice's story is as Miami as it gets: full of depravity, weirdness, and endless controversy.

And on October 4, the bum-turned-porno-bouncer-turned-Youtube-street-fighter-turned-face-of-Mixed-Martial-Arts-(which-may-or-may-not-be-gay)... comes home.

Slice's next fight will be against Ken Shamrock, the Julio Franco of MMA. Shamrock was once nicknamed "The World's Most Dangerous Man", but now he seems to be only endangering himself: he hasn't won in four years, and he seems to have developed a dubious penchant for laying down on the mat and gently descending into sleep within a fight's first round.

Because Shamrock's something like a tomato can, if Slice were to lose, he would instantly be forced to trade in his gold fronts for a bottle of Old Grandad and resume his long-stalled search for cigarette butts along the streets of Overtown. Or so opines this guy, and we agree because there's nothing we like better than hype.

In related news, there are still plenty of tickets left for the homecoming at the 20,000-seat BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, which will also feature eight Florida fighters on the under-card. But it won't be a real Miami sporting event unless only 623 fans show.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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