High Speed Police Chase in Miami Ends When Driver Collides With Tanker Trunk

An unruly high speed car chase that lead police on a pursuit of one or possibly two armed robbery suspects through out the streets of Miami this morning ended when the driver violently crashed his car into the back of a tanker truck on I-95. The driver survived and was taken into custody. 

The chase begin this morning around 11:00 am when a police officer observed an armed robbery in progress at 4025 Northwest 4th Terrace. The drive hopped into his vehicle, a blue Ford Expedition, and police began the pursuit.

The driver sped through residential areas, weaving between lanes, driving over sidewalks, and ignoring stop signs and red lights. 

At one point, reports NBCMiami, police had the car surrounded at a busy intersection with their guns drawn, but the driver bolted through a front yard and temporarily managed to escape. 

The crazy chase then continued on I-95. The Expedition eventually made it to the Broward-Miami-Dade county line and tried to exit into Hallendale Beach. That's when he rear ended the back of a tanker truck. 

One suspect climbed out of the car and was taken into custody at gunpoint before being placed on a stretcher and taking away in an ambulance. 

The driver of the tanker trunk was also taken away in  an ambulance.  

[NBCMiami: Armed Robbery Suspect Leads Cops On Wild Chase

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Kyle Munzenrieder