Hialeah Woman Arrested for Administering Illegal Butt Injections

You would think that after all the publicity that the arrest of Oneal Ron Morris, the transgendered woman who was caught injecting substance including Fix-a-Flat into people's butts (and, seemingly, her own), received, people would know not to go shady people to get their butts enhanced.

Yet, Samela Hernandez, 53, of Hialeah, was arrested today for a similar crime.

Police say Hernandez injected a "foreign substance" in the behinds of woman to give them the appearance of a bigger badonkadonk. She and her husband were arrested after police raided their homes.

It seems Hernandez was brought down by unhappy customers.

According to The Miami Herald, police raided the home this week and found syringes, Lidocaine, a blank prescription pad, and a list of clients and procedures. Two clients were also in the home at the time.

One said she had returned after her initial treatment to fill in some of the lumpy welts that she was left with.

It's not clear what exactly the substance was, but apparently it was banned in Columbia for causing cancer. Hernandez had the substance shipped in from Colombia by having it bottled and labeled as "massage wax."

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Kyle Munzenrieder