Hialeah Named Second Worst City for Singles in America

Happily married in Hialeah? Congrats. You've found love in a hopeless place. According to a recent analysis by personal finance site WalletHub, Hialeah is the second worst city for singles in the entire United States. 

To come to that conclusion, WalletHub took the 150 most populous cities in America and ranked them on 25 separate criteria that fell under two major categories: "dating economics" and "romance and fun." Which basically means "are there lots of opportunities to date in your town," and, if so, "can you afford them?" 

Factors like the price of restaurant meals, beer and wine, movie tickets, taxi fares, gym membership fees, one-bedroom apartments, and beauty salons were taken into account. So were the percentage of singles, gender balance, and prevalence of online dating. 

In the end, Hialeah came in 149 out of 150 cities. The city had a dating economics ranks of 131 and an even lower "romance and fun" rank of 148. In particular, the analysis found that Hialeah had the lowest number of nightlife options available of any city in the analysis. And come to think of it, there really aren't that many clubs within city limits. Granted, Hialeans can (and do) drive into Miami or Miami Beach for fun, but that can be a mission. 

Sadly, the rankings didn't appear to take into account the prevalence of sexy themed motels in Hialeah, because nothing says romance like a sexy themed motel in Hialeah. 

Speaking of Miami, it came in 36th on the rankings. It ranked 11th for "romance and fun," meaning there's a lot to do here, obviously, but was 124th for "dating economics," meaning it's expensive to do those things, obviously. That sounds about right. The city came in third for highest one-bedroom apartment rents when adjusted for average income. So not only is going out in Miami expensive, you might not even be able to afford it at all after signing the rent check.

Miami's vast income inequality and out-of-control rents aren't exactly news, but, hey, maybe you can now use that as an excuse to explain to your parents why you're single over the upcoming holidays. 

If you are looking for love, you don't have to travel far — according to the analysis at least. Orlando was ranked the second best city for singles, which is good news for anyone who has a thing for people who play Disney characters. Tampa was seventh while Fort Lauderdale was 17th.

Salt Lake City was ranked the best city for single overall, while Yonkers, New York, was the only city worse for singles than Hialeah. Which seems appropriate because Yonkers is sort of to New York what Hialeah is to Miami.

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