Hialeah McDonald's Robbed by Employee Dressed as Ninja

A McDonald's in Hialeah was robbed not once, but twice by a man dressed like a ninja, in head-to-toe black. Turned out the robberies were perpetrated by Michel Quiroz, an 18-year-old employee at the restaurant. He even continued to show up for work after the robberies, but eventually his co-workers realized he was behind the heists.

Quiroz had all the powerful insider information that only comes from being an employee of the fast food chain: mainly he knew his way around the restaurant, the shift schedules, other employees, and when would be the best time to strike.

So he entered the restaurant during his off-work hours dressed completely in black and covering his face. He used a weapon to demand the manager to open the safe and give him all the money inside.

He returned to work the next time he was scheduled, and while some employees were suspicious nothing was done. It wasn't until the second time he decided to pull off the same exact scheme was it that the investigation centered on someone inside the restaurant. According to our sources, the Hamburgler was not a suspect. He has no interest in money, only meat.

Quiroz was arrested and admitted to the robberies.

He faces charges of armed robbery, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

[CBS4: Robber Targets McDonald's With A Side Of Stupid]

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