Hialeah Man Flees From Cops, Leaves 9-Year-Old Son in Car

"Come on son, I've always been there for you," says the old man trying to reconcile with his grown son after decades of being estranged.

"What about the time you left me behind when you were fleeing from the police?" replies the son.

"Here we go with this again. Are you always going to bring that up?"

"Dude, I was nine. You straight up left me in the backseat of a car pulled over by an armed police officers."

Or that's how we imagine the conversation is going to go down between Antonio Montano and his son in a couple decades.

Hialeah police attempted to pull over Montano, 29, for reckless driving yesterday near Northwest 37th Avenue and 48th Street. Montana stopped the car, and as the officer approached Montano booked it out of the car and ran off.

Though, he left something behind: his nine year old son.

Police called in a helicopter to assist in the search, and had K9-units going door to door but still have not found Montano.

According to Local 10, Montano has an extensive record of traffic violations and was driving on a suspended license. In addition to the traffic violations his also face charges of child endangerment and eluding police once caught.

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