Hialeah Couple Arrested for Spending $10,000 at Palm Beach Four Seasons on Fake Credit Card

Who wouldn't want to trade in the blue-collar life of Hialeah for a night in a swanky hotel in Palm Beach? Just make sure you can actually pay for it before you head there.

A Hialeah couple -- Javier Roura, 25, and Joanna Sanchez, 28 -- were arrested after ringing up a $10,000 bill at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach and then skipping out on it.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Sanchez and Roura arrived at the five-star hotel July 3 without reservations or luggage. They told the front desk attendant that they were tired from traveling and asked to have their check-in process expedited. They provided a fake name, "Sebastian Spinel," and a fake email address.

The Palm Beach Four Seasons describes itself as a "chic and classic Florida resort where your every desire for a tropical escape will be met." The cheapest rate we could find on the resort's website for a guest room tonight was $299.

However, the room wasn't the only thing the couple charged. They ordered an $800 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch and also stopped by the hotel boutique, Swell. There, presumably, Sanchez picked up "a bathing suit, a woven purse, a knit dress, and jelly sandals." The shopping spree resulted in an $8,000 bill and a very chic, resort-casual look.

Naturally, they also ordered a movie and in-room dining.

The grand total: $10,353.

The two then left the hotel in their Dodge Charger (which should have been the staff's first clue to at least double-check their identities).

Both Sanchez and Roura had previously been on probation, and their former probation officers helped identify them in the hotel surveillance footage. The Charger seen leaving the hotel was found parked outside a home in Hialeah.

The credit card they gave the hotel was then determined to have been issued by a French bank.

They pair was arrested Wednesday and faces charges including forgery, illegal use of credit cards, grand theft, and impersonation. Roura was released on $12,000 bail, and Sanchez met her $8,000 bail.

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Kyle Munzenrieder