Hialeah Chonga Mom Jumps Out of Car to Beat Daughter's Classmate's Ass

You know how Nancy Grace always gives terrible mothers nicknames like "Tan Mom" and "Tot Mom?" Well, we're just going to christen Irisdaly Rios with the tabloid-worthy name of "Chonga Mom," because, if you're talking trash she'll beat you after class.

See, Rios has been caught on camera beating one of her daughter's classmates for bullying her.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon after school let out at Hialeah Middle School.

Rios, 35, claimed that 12-year-old Ashley Perez bullied her daughter everyday and believed the girl was trying to orchestrate a fight with her daughter that afternoon. So Rios rolled up in her car and confronted Perez ...which soon lead to the woman slapping the girl multiple times. Of course, other students captured the fight on their cellphones.

Eventually another woman stepped in to break up the fight.

In speaking with NBC Miami Perez seems to have a rather mature take on the situation.

"She got aggressive, and I think she felt her daughter was in danger," Perez told the station. "That's why I walked to the car, because usually, if it was another mother, she'll be like, 'Oh, what's happening to my daughter. Let's fix this up.'"

Perez says she suffered scratches a broken tooth and headaches after the assault. She also admitted that while she had problems with Rios' daughter, she never planned to fight the girl.

Eventually police did show up, and as kids in the crowd correctly predicted Chonga Mom was arrested. She now faces charges of simple battery. She is now out on a $1,500 bond.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.