Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann Choose Different Sides in Florida Republican Senate Primary

If you're the kind of Republican voter who finds yourself easily swayed by some of the more deafening but dimmer voices in your party, well then boy do we have a quagmire for you. Two of your favorite also-rans from the GOP presidential primary have chosen different sides in the Florida battle between George LeMieux and Connie Mack IV for a senate nomination.

America's favorite adulterous pizza man Herman Cain has come out strong for LeMieux, while Michelle Bachmann, a bad Sarah Palin Halloween costume come to life, has voiced her support of Mack IV.

Here's Cain offering his support for former Senator LeMieux.

"This is the type of person that we need in Washington, DC. People who are not afraid to challenge the establishment," says Cain of Charlie Crist's former chief of staff.

Bachmann released this statement:

"Connie has been a steadfast fighter for freedom, less government and a fiscal hawk together with me in the United States Congress. For every good proposal passed out of the House, the liberal Senate under Harry Reid and Bill Nelson have stopped it, including Connie's recent proposal to build the Keystone XL Pipeline without Presidential approval. Senators like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need other like-minded conservatives in the Senate to stop the liberals from tearing down our nation. America needs Connie Mack in the U.S. Senate."

Riptide will of course keep you update on whether or not GOP luminaries like Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Christine O'Donnell and Callista Gingrich's hair helmet pick sides.

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