Here's Your Biannual Reminder Not To Shoot Guns in the Air This Weekend

Twice a year, local leaders have to remind Miamians of a basic facet of gravity: what goes up must come down. Because some people do not seem to remember this when they decide to fire their guns off during Fourth of July and New Year's Eve. Because apparently when they see fireworks their first instinct is, "Oh, let me shoot something up into the air too! Seems fun!"

A cadre of local leaders gathered today in Liberty City to promote the "One Bullet Kills the Party" campaign. Pitbull, naturally, is the celebrity face of the movement, having appeared in PSA material for the past few years.

"Let's celebrate with barbecues, not by firing guns into the air," Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson told the crowd according to NBC Miami.

The campaign is trotted out twice a year, and yet people continue to get hurt by falling bullets.

Last year a woman holding a baby was struck by bullet during the Fourth of July in Fort Lauderdale. In 2010, a 6-year-old Italian boy was struck by a bullet during New Year's Eve while dining in the Design District. In 2007 a father of three was killed by a falling bullet during NYE. Reports of cars and property being damaged by falling bullets are also common.

Bullets shot up into the air can also wind up miles away from where they were shot.

So remember folks, this is Miami. It should only rain dollar bills and actual rain here. Save the bullets for the gun range.

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Kyle Munzenrieder