Here's Video of Gov. Rick Scott (AKA DJ Govvy Gov) Dancing

Now, you may think that our tall, white, lanky, bald governor could be a horrible dancer, but we have to say he moves with such grace and enthusiasm it almost moved us to tears. His feet move like finely timed fireworks in slow motion, exploding with elegant energy. He's a master of the lock step, a queen of Vogue-ing, and certainly no one needs to teach him how to Dougie. And when he goes up for that 1080 aerial twist and lands in a perfect split complete with fluttering jazz hands, its a thing of breathtaking beauty.

No, just kidding, Rick Scott busting a move is every bit as horrible and awkward as you would imagine.

Scott, as you might remember, visited the Port of Miami on Friday for one of his "work days." In true Miami style, he somehow confused DJing for an actual job and pulled duty behind the decks while aboard a Carnival cruise ship. This of course lead to the horror you see above.

[via The Buzz]

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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