Here's How Miami Football Fans Reacted to Their First Sunday Without the NFL

Remember how bad the Super Bowl was last Sunday? That was awesome. Bad football is better than no football, and this past Sunday, that realization smacked lots of us dead in the face.

If you didn't think about the NFL being gone during the week. You figured it out when you turned on ESPN at noon and got the Bucking Battle Anaheim Liftmaster Bull Riding Chute Out instead of NFL Countdown. Talk about sobering up, coming to, and finding yourself in jail.

Husbands all over the land came to the realization Sunday that for the next 200-plus days, their not-spending-enough-time-with-their-wife excuse bucket hath run bone dry. She is the captain now. You belong to her. Time to pay the piper, and the piper only takes trips to Jo-Ann Fabric and Whole Foods as payment.

For Dolphins fans, 30 weeks off might actually not be the worst thing, but luckily, for the NFL and the children of the America, not everyone is a Dolphins fan. Oh yeah, and there is that Miami Heat thing that seems to distract us until July pretty well. That's always decent.

Figure skating and new episodes of The Walking Dead just aren't the same as game day. Nothing can replace a good old-fashioned nine-hour NFL binge, and people weren't exactly taking the come-down so well yesterday. Actually, they were straight up cranky, making it rain salty tweets, cursing the non-NFL things they were forced to endure. The putrid Knicks and Lakers weren't exactly helping things either. Plus, dude deleted Flappy Bird. Worst Sunday EVER.

How did you spend your first NFL-free Sunday since August? Let's hope you dealt with it better than some of the people below.

See you soon, September 7, 2014.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.