Here's a Map of the Median Rents in Each Miami Neighborhood
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Here's a Map of the Median Rents in Each Miami Neighborhood

Rent prices in Miami are out of control, but not all neighborhoods are as bad as others. You can still find affordable rents in places like Liberty City and Gladeview. Looking anywhere else? Well, you better be making at least $55,000 a year. 

The folks at home and apartment rental site Zumper sent this handy map of the median rents for a one-bedroom apartment in each neighborhood in Miami, according to its databases. The most expensive, to no one's surprise, is the hoity-toity island enclave of Fisher Island, where the monthly median rent is $4,800. After that, Park West is Miami's second most expensive area, with a median rent of $2,625. 

Looking for something cheaper? Try Brownsville, the least expensive neighborhood in the city, where rent is $620, about $60 cheaper than rent in neighboring Liberty City. 

Of particular note: Rents in once-affordable Edgewater are now slightly more expensive then rents in the West Avenue neighborhood of South Beach. 

By the way, Zumper found that rents jumped in Miami 1.6 percent in the past month alone and 7.4 percent in the past quarter. The median price for a one-bedroom apartment throughout the city is now $1,880, which ties Miami with Chicago as the sixth most expensive market in the nation. 

Using the old rule of thumb that your housing cost should represent about a third of your monthly income, that would mean you'd have to make at least $67,680 a year to afford the median rent for a one-bedroom in Miami. 

Here's the map:

Here's a Map of the Median Rents in Each Miami Neighborhood (2)

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