Herald Lays Off Columnist On Her Birthday

The evils of the corporate lay-off machine knows no bounds. Basic manners would dictate that you don't hand someone a pink slip on their birthday, but there's nothing polite about blood letting. 

Yesterday was the Herald's "Work/Life Balanceing Act" columnist Cindy Krischer Goodman's birthday. It was also the day she got the news she'd no longer have a job. 

Goodman seems to be a grace-under-fire type, and blogged about the unfortunate situation as optimistically as one could. Even offering her readers some fresh statistics on how stressed people are at work due to the economic apocalypse. 

Goodman has been asked to continuing contributing as a freelancer though. Sadly ironic, considering her column last week was entitled "Freelancing: A real option." 

This is all just horrible and depressing. 

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