Herald Fires Copy Editor, But Keeps Him On to Blog About It

So when The Miami Herald starting throwing down the ax last month, one of those casualties was copy editor Brayden Simms. He had only been hired full-time back in February, so it was no surprise that he got his walking papers (er, well maybe to him it was).

But leave it to the Herald to take Simms layoff as an opportunity to get some site traffic. The newspaper actually had Simms take his blog called The No-Spend Zone, which was originally about living on the cheap, and re-tool it to be about his trials and tribulations of being laid off and having to find a new job. The blog has given Simms some good exposure, most famously by media jabber Gawker who said, "Jesus, they're making him dig his own grave after his execution."

But I'm sure Simms is in a better position than most laid-off Herald employees, since his perpetual job search is there for the public to see, including other potential employers. Just last week, Simms debuted his guide to making a video resume, which coincidentally (or not) made for a good video resume of himself that just so happened to be plastered all over the Herald's site. So who's the real winner here?

- Jose D. Duran

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