Helicopter Attacked by Laser Over Aventura

A South Florida helicopter pilot found himself under attack by a laser. No, we do not live in some Star Wars age where helicopters can be brought down by laser blasters. But as anyone who attended Ultra Music Festival knows, we have harnessed the power of lasers for ultimate distraction, annoyance, and blinding capabilities. 

Jim Chladek, the pilot, and a passenger were flying over Aventura one night capturing footage when a giant green laser was pointed in Chladek's eyes, trying to distract him. Chladek turned the chopper around to try to locate the source. Michael Rigolizzo was charged with the crime after police found the laser's packaging in his apartment; he was brought in on unrelated domestic violence charges yesterday. [



  • Police are investigating human remains found on Metrozoo property. [CBS4]
  • Commissioner Dunn is investigating the possibility of issuing a curfew for teens in Miami that would keep them off the streets from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. [WSVN]
  • Archbishop John Favalora is stepping down after 16 years at the helm of the Catholic Church in Miami. The archbishop from Orlando will replace him. [NBCMiami]
  • Texting while driving might soon be illegal in the state. [JustNews]

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