Heat's Win Streak Hits 18 as Bosh, Wade Crush Pacers 105-91

Eighteen have entered. Zero have gone home victorious. The Indiana Pacers became just the latest victim of the Heat's insane win streak as Miami defeated the Pacers 105-91 Sunday night. The win also gave the Heat victories over every other team in the NBA this season, a franchise first. BUT THIS CRAZY EXPERIMENT WILL NEVER WORK!

If we told you to guess which two Heat players combined for 50 points, Chalmers (with 26 points) and Bosh (24 points) would be pretty far down the list. They shot their collective balls off Sunday, going a combined 18-24 from the field.

Dwyane Wade chipped in his own 23 points and six steals, helping a down game from LeBron James (13 points) go nearly unnoticed. LeBron attempted just ten shots, so it wasn't as if he was ineffective -- it was just his teammates decided tonight it was their turn to bust some asses, so bust some asses they did.

The Pacers came into this game wondering what all the fuss was about, having beaten the Heat twice already this season. They left wondering who the hell they played in Indiana twice. Miami not only increased its lead over the Pacers in the East to nine games this past Sunday, but it also made a pretty convincing statement by reminding the Pacers that no trophies are awarded in December, the Heat is much tougher on its home floor, and the Pacers have a long way to go before they can be considered the Heat's rival. Even with the league's MVP having his worst game (scoring-wise) of the entire season. Even with Shane Battier giving the Heat nothing, with more fouls (five) than points (two). Even with Udonis Haslem going scoreless in 18 minutes of subpar play, combined with just 19 points from the entire bench. Miami still was just too much, and the Pacers were lucky the score was as close as it was. Go get your shine box, Pacers.

Miami moved its home record to 29-3, reminding opponents when you fly into Miami International Airport, you collect your bags, enjoy the nightlife, nail a "model/server," hell, even purchase a condo and come back in the offseason. But when it comes to basketball wins, you get nothing -- and you like it. Let's be perfectly clear here, so nobody leaves this blog all confused like, "This guy was not totally clear what a basketball team gets when it leaves American Airlines Arena." You get SHIT. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Dick. You get NOTHING. Literally, you leave with exactly what you came with, your dick in your hand, plus some of those stupid beyond mini pretzels you get on the plane.

The Heat's streak-watch now moves to Tuesday night as the Atlanta Hawks come to town, presumably against their own will and totally due to contractual obligations. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks showed up to the University of Miami Ohio campus Tuesday and were all like "Whoops, our bad!" Tuesday is the last Heat home game for awhile (with nine of 11 on the road to follow), as they head out to play some other teams that will eventually have a lower score than them in turn making a green "W" appear where those other green W's go next to their name on the ESPN schedule we've all been touching ourselves to lately. Below are highlights of the thing that was the 18th thing. Enjoy:

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