Heat's Michael Beasley Reportedly Heading to Rehab

After this weekend, we were pretty sure Heat forward Michael Beasley was addicted to tacky tattoos and oversharing on Twitter, but it seems his problems might run a bit deeper. Yahoo! Sports reports the 20-year-old has checked himself into an undisclosed Houston rehab center for possible psychological and substance abuse issues. 

Beasley's unveiling of his latest back tat, reading "Supercool Beas," became something of a sports blog meme this past weekend, bolstered by the fact that a baggie could be seen in the background. Speculation ran rampant that the little plastic bag must've contained weed, even though the blurry picture makes it's impossible to tell what the bag contained, if anything. 

However, some of Beasley's tweets were darker, including, "Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done." The Twitter account was closed Saturday night. 

Yahoo! Sports reports he'll be in the treatment program for a minimum of 30 days, with minimal outside contact. Former NBA player and coach John Lucas, who has a touch for turning around troubled players, is expected to spend time with Beasley. 

Beasley became the second overall draft pick in 2008, after only a year playing college ball. Some younger players might be able to deal with the pressure that comes with a multimillion-dollar NBA contract, but not all can. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.